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Content Marketing & Blogs: a big brand secret

200 million people now use ad blockers. Paid digital advertising is on its death bed. Content and blog posts are the answer.

According to the Content Marketing Institute paid ads were all the rage in online marketing. Consumers generally have now chosen to opt out of ads. This is bad news for those who focus heavily on them to sell their products and services.

The answer to the problem is content. Content means:

Articles, blog posts, infographics, videos or digitally displayed editorial. Content can also be placed on your social media account which, after all, is just free digital advertising.

How does content help you sell? It helps your customers remember you. Good content keeps people on your site for longer. If you have listened to your customers, and if it offers value and is focussed on what’s important to them, it encourages them to come back to your website.  Over time, this helps you become the trusted “go-to”.  Content is a brilliant way to connect more frequently with customers.

Big Brands are focussing on content marketing today because it costs 60% less than normal advertising and it is proven to generate 3 times as many leads. You do the maths.

From blog posts to infographics and everything in between, creating consistent, unique, and truly useful content is the No. 1 way to connect with your audience.  It’s digital advertising in disguise.

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Big Brand Secret

Email marketing is very cost effective and flexible compared to other ways of advertising. The big brands have invested money in what is called “marketing automation” and it is their primary focus.

Big Brand Secret

The big brands are taking their customers on “individual journeys” .  Email marketing helps them do this.  Mass marketing is a thing of the past.  Welcome to digital “segmentation of one”.

Big Brand Secret

The corporations are all hiring Digital Marketing Specialists to set up and manage their email marketing drive.  They are using email marketing platforms and generating content as the centre of everything they do.

Big Brand Secret

Big investments are being made in websites and driving traffic to them.  They are the “town hall” of the new global village. Websites are being used as the focal point of the new era of customer experience.

What this means for you

This need not be exclusive to the big brands.  Small companies and solopreneurs can easily adopt this approach in a cost effective way,  and measure the “return on investment” of a campaign, and adjust where needed.

What this means for you

Smaller companies and individuals are well-placed to do the same:  they’ve always had conversations with their customers.  Email marketing helps them to have more of them.

What this means for you

Smaller companies can benefit from the expertise that the big companies have paid to train. Many marketers are going “freelance” to bring their skills to the market place.

What this means for you

The big guys see the importance of a website.  Smaller businesses and solopreneurs can follow the lead – without spending huge amounts of money. You just have to be clever about how and where you spend it.