I am  DLG

here’s my story



Senior B2B Event Project Manager

Marketing Communications & Field Marketing Director, IT & Telecoms.

Specialist in Middle East & Africa markets



In marketing in the Middle East & Africa territories



B2B Events & Project Management



By big brands to manage marketing functions



CIM marcom and digital marketing certifications

I am a Senior Event Project Manager and Marketing Communications Director.

I’ve led marketing functions and trained operational teams, project managed huge events and budgets, managed PR agencies, and launched brands in the emerging markets of the Middle East and Africa, and I have been responsible for the sales messages, marketing and reputation of some big brands including Orange and Reuters.

Marketing for big brands taught me how to spend marketing money only where it really counts.  Return on investment is the mantra.  The unique combination of my big brand experience, passion for my work (almost OCD) and my friendly and open personality brings you the outsourced know-how you need to run the kind of marketing operation that will help you to find new customers, keep the ones you already have and then get them to spend more.

I love coffee; I am a bit of an addict. Why don’t you meet me for one, and we can talk about your business and how my stuff can help you?

That’s my story. What’s yours?