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Say hello to tomorrow’s bright business future

In tomorrow’s bright business future, every day is busy.

You’ll have more customers, and they’ll come back.  When they do, they’ll spend more.

In tomorrow’s business world there’s no need to worry about your competitors.  You will be the “go-to” business in your marketplace, doing more than just keeping your head above water. 

Tomorrow, you’ll have more money and be the entrepreneur you set out to be with the business you always dreamed of. 

Accelerate your tomorrow with digital selling and marketing expertise.


Start planning today.

Transform your business prospects with Digital Selling Know-How & Marketing Expertise

Look good with a bespoke website

Beautiful, affordable websites that help you tell and sell your story – and that also earn their keep. Whether you want Basic, Business or Ecommerce.

And do it with style.

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Say the right thing with Managed Communications

Messaging, Marcom, Materials.
Media relations, editorial, copywriting, social media plans, presentations and pitches.

It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it

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Sell more with Email Marketing

Use email marketing to engage your customers. Drive them to your website. Lead them to spend money. Make promotions that turn site visits into cash.

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Plan it right with Consulting Services

Marketing & Business Plans.
Digital Transformation of Marketing Functions. Put the customer at the heart of your business.

Plan your work, and work to your plan

Do it like big brands

Advertise using Content & Blogs

Paid online advertising can cost too much and consumers are blocking these ads anyway. There is another way. Big brands sell via content and blogs.

You can do this, too

Get A Head of Words

Learn how to do it with Marketing Coaching

Digital Tools For Solopreneurs
Digital Marketing For Business Groups.
1:1 bespoke online lessons
Business Seminars and Group Training

New tricks and old tricks that work.

Get Clever, Cleverly

Communications Management

It's not what you say, it's the way you say it! For when you shouldn't do it yourself. Outsource your copywriting, brochures, sales pitches, proposals and presentations.

The way you express your business offer and differentiate your service is make or break.  It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it that counts.

Understanding your buyers and speaking in their language is vital if you are to engage with them.  Engagement = relationship = way to build sales.

You get one opportunity to make your pitch.  Make sure it’s done with passion, power, and persuasion.

I’ve spent my career in marketing and communications and have produced every type of communication you can think of.  I’ve produced large and small events on big budgets and small ones on hot air. I’ve written press releases, blog copy, case studies, agendas, invitations, reports, presentations, proposals… and the list goes on.

Copywriting might sound and look easy, but the results of DIY copywriting usually prove otherwise and are a false economy.  Make the investment your business deserves.

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Marketing plans like the big brands do it. It's all about money, right? No it isn't! It's about making a plan in the first place, and focussing energy on being smart. So make a plan, and work your plan...

There are 8 basic marketing things that the Big Brands do to sell their stuff

  1. Put the customer at the heart of their business because it’s not about them, it’s about the customer experience; this is what makes sales
  2. Clearly identify their ideal customer and speak their language
  3. Differentiate their brand with “unique selling propositions” that package their services to stand out from their competitors
  4. Differentiate their brand with a clear identity and speak in their brand voice at all times
  5. Position themselves as the “go-to” and the “trusted advisor” in their market place
  6. Use their existing customers to help them sell
  7. Put digital marketing at the centre of their strategy, and mix it with traditional offline marketing to help them attract, engage, and keep their customers and continually find new ones
  8. Focus on”putting the human into digital” to help them sell.  They are not focussed on talking about which technology they are using when they do their promotions, but on what technology brings to people, and what difference it makes to people’s lives

I can show you how to apply all these rules to your business with a bespoke marketing plan that will put power behind your ambitions.  If you are a bigger company, I can show you how to digitally transform your marketing function to take advantage of the new opportunities in the digital world.


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Become your own expert. For when you want to do it yourself. Get clever, cleverly.

For Solopreneurs or Business Groups.
1:1 bespoke online lessons in digital tools for individuals
Business Seminars and Group Training

For individuals

Design, build and send marketing emails and newsletters
Build a custom website using WordPress
Make short animated videos for use on your website or on social media
Build your social media accounts
Create and send branded online surveys

For Business: 1 day seminars
Using Social Media to Promote Your Business – unlimited audience

For Business: 2 day training
Email Marketing – Groups of x 4
How to make videos for social media using a mobile phone

Business options include 1:1 lessons or in groups.  I can come to your premises; or we can organise a meeting in an outside venue.  Whatever works best for you.


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Big Brand Secret

Email marketing is very cost effective and flexible compared to other ways of advertising. The big brands have invested money in what is called “marketing automation” and it is their primary focus.

Big Brand Secret

The big brands are taking their customers on “individual journeys” .  Email marketing helps them do this.  Mass marketing is a thing of the past.  Welcome to digital “segmentation of one”.

Big Brand Secret

The corporations are all hiring Digital Marketing Specialists to set up and manage their email marketing drive.  They are using email marketing platforms and generating content as the centre of everything they do.

Big Brand Secret

Big investments are being made in websites and driving traffic to them.  They are the “town hall” of the new global village. Websites are being used as the focal point of the new era of customer experience.

What this means for you

This need not be exclusive to the big brands.  Small companies and solopreneurs can easily adopt this approach in a cost effective way,  and measure the “return on investment” of a campaign, and adjust where needed.

What this means for you

Smaller companies and individuals are well-placed to do the same:  they’ve always had conversations with their customers.  Email marketing helps them to have more of them.

What this means for you

Smaller companies can benefit from the expertise that the big companies have paid to train. Many marketers are going “freelance” to bring their skills to the market place.

What this means for you

The big guys see the importance of a website.  Smaller businesses and solopreneurs can follow the lead – without spending huge amounts of money. You just have to be clever about how and where you spend it.